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Armory Features | Bitcoin Armory

Created:2013/12/12 0:38

Armory Features

Armory has a ton of innovative features. Check some of them out below!

Multi-wallet interface

Manage as many wallets as you want simultaneously. Armory was designed from the start for multi-wallet operations without limit on number.

Multi-wallet interface

Deterministic wallets with paper-backup print dialog

Not only are the wallets deterministic, but there is a built-in dialog for printing permanent copies of your wallet. When you first create your wallet, make sure your printer is on and click the “Paper Backup” checkbox.

Print Wallet Backup

Recover Wallet from Paper Backup

Watching-only wallets

Can fork a “watching-only” wallet that contains no private-key data, but can still be used generate addresses and confirm payments. Copy it to your system once, and never worry about address pools or hackers stealing your Bitcoins!

Wallet encryption with time- and memory-bound key derivation:

AES256 in-place key encryption. Encryption key is generated via script-based algorithm to eliminate GPU-acceleration in brute-force passphrase guessing. Speed and memory parameters are determined via system speed test.

Import/Sweep Addresses

Import private keys into your (deterministic) wallet. Sweeping is possible on any existing wallet-address, or as an alternative to importing an untrusted private key. Supports private keys in hex, base58, and mini-private-key format used on Casascius physical bitcoins.

Private Key Import/Confirm Sweep

Corruption-resistant wallet files with automatic detection&correction of HDD byte errors.

Wallet-update logic guarantees all atomic file operations. No matter which nanosecond the power failure occurs, your wallet will be automatically recovered. Also handles the extremely rare-but-possible RAM/HDD errors.

The absolute easiest offline wallet operations, EVER:

Armory can be run on an offline computer without needing the blockchain. Offline computer is only used to manage wallets that never touch the internet, and sign transaction packets transferred via USB. Online attackers can’t steal your wallet if the wallet was never online!

Offline Transaction

Review Offline Transaction

Usermode Options

Choose between “Standard”, “Advanced” and “Developer”, to scale the level of information flow according to your preferences. ”Standard” user mode has a reduced set of functionality and only presents information necessary for basic wallet management and transactions.

Standard User Mode

Standard User Mode

Advanced User Mode

Advanced User Mode

Developer User Mode

Developer User Mode

Message signing with your Bitcoin addresses

Sign messages using the private keys of your bitcoin addresses, that can then be verified by someone else. For instance, you pay someone 200 BTC for merchandise to be shipped to you. You send the seller your postal address, but someone intercepts the message and replaces it with their own address! This is avoidable by using signed messages: the seller sees the money came from address X, so you send them a signature block, which tells them your postal address, and sign it with address X. If someone tries to change the address, the signature will become invalid!

Developer Tools!

Thoroughly commented Python code. Thoroughly-commented C++ code. Thousands of lines of unit-test code for verifying almost every sub-function of the entire library. Simple wallet files. And the “Developer” user mode will give developers extra tools for their own development efforts (to be expanded in the near future).

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